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Do you need water sampling, testing or analysis? Or a Legionella Risk Assessment?

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Water Sampling

Omnibosh offers water sampling services that cater to a diverse range of water systems, encompassing domestic, commercial, and industrial systems.

Our services cover everything from simple drinking water sampling and inspection to comprehensive chemical analysis of process water systems. With our supportive service, we empower you to make well-informed decisions regarding your water supply or water system.


What is Legionella?

Legionella, a hazardous bacterium, is prevalent in natural water sources like rivers, lakes, and ponds. It can pose a health risk when present in artificial water systems.

Is a Legionella Risk Assessment a requirement?

According to UK Health and Safety legislation, it is a legal obligation for landlords, business owners, employers, and property managers to assess, mitigate, and acknowledge the risk of Legionella within their respective businesses or properties.

What is a Legionella Risk Assessment?

Conducting a Legionella risk assessment aids in identifying potential risk factors present in buildings, premises, and facilities. The assessment findings serve as a guide to determine necessary interventions, protocols, and systems required to establish effective Legionella risk controls. This ensures the implementation of robust measures to mitigate Legionella-related risks.

How does Omnibosh provide the Legionella Risk Assessment?

Conducting a Legionella risk assessment is the initial crucial step in ensuring a business is compliant with Legionella regulations, safeguarding occupants and providing evidence of responsible measures taken to prioritise safety.


Omnibosh’s Legionella Risk Assessments encompass:


  1. Introduction and background information on Legionella
  2. Site details
  3. Audit of Legionella Management Documentation
  4. Condition survey reports of domestic water plant
  5. Temperature profiling
  6. Photographic evidence
  7. Asset register
  8. Identification of risks, including dead leg pipework (if visually observed on exposed pipework) and infrequently used outlets
  9. Recommendations for future Legionella control and management
  10. Basic schematic of plant and distribution

We emphasise the importance of keeping assessment reports up to date and conducting regular reviews. We comprehend the requirements of a Legionella risk assessment and consistently assist companies in the assessment process. By identifying risk-increasing factors, we enable businesses to prioritise actions and comply with Legionella control regulations effectively.

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