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Let our world-class safety services and software give you the freedom to focus on what matters to you most – your team and your customers!

Audit Module:

Minimise risk and reduce potential claims. Our Audit module is a powerful, intuitive tool that gives you everything you need to significantly improve your food safety audits, fire safety audits and health and safety audits. From easily controlling the content and scoring criteria of each audit, to creating customised action plans simply and quickly, you can do it all and so much more.

Monitoring Module:

Our Monitoring module gives you greater power over your safety checks, speeds up the whole process and makes everything much more simple. From creating bespoke checklists, to easily scheduling regular checks, to instantly sharing images of issues, Monitoring offers all this and so much more.

Risk Assessment Module:

Improve the safety of your team members today. Our Risk Assessment module is exactly what you need if you want to create and manage your assessments easily and efficiently. By using our simple five-step wizard, you can define hazards and control measures for activities in multiple locations in no time at all.

Helpline Module (Accident & Incident book for the 21st century):

Increase your protection against claims today. Our Helpline module is a super handy tool that can help you identify accident and incident trends, the reasons behind them and what control measures will prevent problems in the future.

From instantly recording accidents and incidents, to gaining a better understanding of compliance, to creating insightful reports, you can do it all.

Fire Expert:

Our Fire Risk Assessment module puts our expert team of ex-fire officers in your corner.

From easily viewing Fire Risk Assessments carried out, to tracking the progress of action plans, to understanding your real-time fire risk status, you can do it all.

Training Module:

Our Training module is an incredibly helpful tool that will make it much simpler for you to meet your legal training requirements and save you time and money. From easily identifying the training needs of every employee, to receiving alerts about out-of-date training, to assigning training courses with ease, you can do it all.

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