Firexo Red Fibreglass Single Fire Extinguisher Stand

Introducing Firexo Red Fibreglass Single Fire Extinguisher Stand

A lightweight fire extinguisher stand, great for fire extinguishers up to a maximum diameter of 200mm. The perfect partner for the Firexo 2L, 6L and 9L extinguishers
Design: High Intensity, lightweight, corrosion resistant and aging resistant material. Skilfully manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fibre to create a modern design
Robust material to withstand high impacts. Gripped base to protect the floor surface and avoid movement in an emergency. Manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials
Easy maintenance: The smooth surface is easy to maintain and the material allows for a long service life. The stand has a red gloss finish for high visibility in an emergency

Additional information



Additional information

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FIA Member

Firexo is valuable member of Fire Industry Association

Globally Recognized

Few Years in a row Firexo has been awarded for most innovative company from fire industry sector


EN3 Certified and CE Marked

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