Firexo Pan Fire Extinguisher Sachet

Introducing Firexo Pan Fire Extinguisher Sachet

The Firexo pan Fire Extinguishing sachet can extinguish pan fires in seconds; Just simply place the Sachet Fire Extinguisher in the pan with no need to open. Our sachet is a safer alternative to using a fire blanket or extinguisher, and is easy to use and deploy; the perfect replacement for a fire blanket for pan fires.

The sachet is UK made, ISO17025 Accredited and Laboratory Tested with a unique formula using Firexo Eco-Boost trusted technology. The sachet is suitable for oil fires up to 3 litres. it is made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use. Do not open or cut sachet before use, place into pan at arms length.

Additional information



Additional information

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FIA Member

Firexo is valuable member of Fire Industry Association

Globally Recognized

Few Years in a row Firexo has been awarded for most innovative company from fire industry sector


EN3 Certified and CE Marked

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