Firexo Interlinked Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Introducing Firexo Interlinked Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 Year Tamper Proof Battery, can be interlinked with Firexo Smoke Alarm and Firexo Heat Alarm (sold separately), CO alarm, White

Interlinked: Our Carbon Monoxide Alarms for home will connect with other interlinked alarm products by fxo. Simply connect the devices together for complete protection from our fire alarms for home

Simultaneous Alarm: When connected to other fxo house alarm products, if the smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detector detect an issue then all products sound the alarm.

Technology: Using Electrochemical sensor technology our CO alarm uses electrodes in chemical solutions that sense changes in electrical currents when carbon monoxide is present and sounds the alarm.

Additional information



Additional information

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FIA Member

Firexo is valuable member of Fire Industry Association

Globally Recognized

Few Years in a row Firexo has been awarded for most innovative company from fire industry sector


EN3 Certified and CE Marked

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