Drink Spiking Awareness

  • Spot symptoms that a person has been spiked and promptly get help.
  • As a team member, reduce the risk of spiking through increased awareness.
  • Safely help a person who has been spiked by the relevant course of action.
  • Remove a drink that you have visibly seen being spiked and contact the relevant authorities.



You will be able to...

While the hospitality sector works towards recovery and operators find their feet amid the current operational challenges, the reopening of late-night venues has been accompanied by an alarming increase in the reports of spiking.  

Drink spiking occurs when alcohol and/or another drug is placed in a person’s drink without their knowledge. Drink spiking is malicious act with the intent to cause harm through the victim through injury or sexual assault.  

With recent reports indicating that incidents of spiking are increasing, it is important to address the topic and ensure your teams know how to deal with suspected drink spiking activity.  

Helping learners to recognise and identify the symptoms of drink spiking, increase awareness of drink spiking and how to seek help for victims and report drink spiking incidents, this learning activity is beneficial for all team members that work in a hospitality operation. 

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Duration: 15/20 minutes

Assessment: There are 5 end assessment questions at the end of the activity. The user will need to successfully answer 80% of these to pass and receive a certificate

Endorsement(s): Institute of Hospitality