Allergen and Natasha’s Law

  • Identify the 14 allergens (and products which contain them) that must be labelled as being present in foods.
  • Explain the legal framework relating to allergens in food and drink.
  • State important definitions in relation to where food is sold and how it is packaged.
  • Outline the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance.
  • Outline the key rules and legislation surrounding food labelling and catering.
  • Demonstrate a basic awareness of Natasha’s Law and how this will impact allergen management in the future.



You will be able to...

Our Allergens online activity has been designed to introduce learners to the rules and regulations around food labelling and catering in relation to food allergies and allergenic ingredients, including the often overlooked topic of allergens in drinks.

Guiding learners through the different allergen risks in a food or drink operation, this up-to-date course reflects the most current legislation in allergen management and food labelling, including the upcoming legislative changes included in Natasha’s Law. The guidance in this course is suitable for team members of all levels working in any hospitality or retail setting.

This course is the only course on the market to be endorsed by Allergen Accreditation. Allergen Accreditation provides the benchmark for operators to develop their KPIs, systems and procedures for managing the new legislation as well as Full Allergen Disclosure.

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Duration: 30 minutes

Assessment: At the end of the course the knowledge you have learnt will be tested through an end of learning assessment. This is a test containing 10 questions. You must answer 100% of the questions correctly to pass and receive your certificate.

Endorsement(s): Institute of Hospitality