CQR 365

CQR 365

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Introducing Omnibosh CQR 365: Revolutionising Safety and Compliance

The appetite for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) varies according to the business appetite, insurance requirements and risk appetite.

Alongside a PAT, a solid team training & awareness program is essential for a robust system, for comparison, an annual MOT doesn’t mean we can stop checking oil levels, air pressures or light bulbs for a year! So what?

Our mission is to transform your safety and compliance approach...

without increasing your expenses!

At Omnibosh, we have created a service like no other. Compliance QR (CQR) not only encompasses your PAT but for the same price, also provides the following:

What do you get with Omnibosh CQR 365?

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Revolutionising Safety & Compliance

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